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Tohoku Techno Arch Co., Ltd. aims to support the creation of new technologies and industries, based on intellectual property developed by universities. It was established on November 5, 1998, with the support of interested researchers at Tohoku University, along with individuals at other national universities and colleges of technology in the Tohoku area, including Niigata. On December 4 of the same year, Tohoku Techno Arch Co., Ltd. was approved as an official Technology Licensing Organization (TLO) by both Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry under the Law for Promoting University-Industry Technology Transfer.

The Law for Promoting University-Industry Technology Transfer was established in May 1998 to assist individual universities in founding their own TLOs and support their operation. The aim of TLOs is to transferring intercultural properties of research results from universities and colleges of technology to business corporations, and to return the revenues to inventors as well as their laboratories and universities.

Tohoku Techno Arch Co., Ltd. is serving as a partner in providing technology seeds for corporations who wish to obtain technological innovations and enhance their competitiveness; and at the same time will act as an intermediary for returning the research results of university researchers to society.

We try to provide these services to anyone who is interested, regardless of their degree of experience in licensing or patent application. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your inquiries or for information. All our staffs are more than willing to talk with you and offer advice.



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We provide numerous Technologies that can be introduced to companies.
See “Technologies List”, for more information.

Technologies List

Featured technology

  • Disposable patch that does not require external power source and is expected to have drug penetration and cosmetic effect by iontophoresisT12-177

  • For mass fermentative production of useful substances!T12-060

  • Harmless, high-efficient, thin, and light, low-cost Solar cellT20-154

  • Possible to orientate rock core objectively and automaticallyT20-3110

  • Realization of over 2x high potential characteristic than conventional one!T18-490

  • Formation of high-strength / high-rigidity / high heat-resistant Mo alloy that can be cast (able to melt under 2000℃)! Equivalent to Ni-based alloy!T12-109_T16-055_T17-137

  • OsHV-1 promoter for gene delivery and a variety of applications in bivalve molluscs.T22-084

  • For the treatment of refractory cancers including pancreatic cancerT18-447_T12-072

  • Able to detect wide range signal from near ultraviolet to near-infrared with good S/N ratioT21-068

  • Drive voltage 1/10! Multi-electrode plasma actuator that doesn’t generate backflow or arc dischargeT18-069

  • Porous Fe, Si, C, W, Ti, Cr, Zr, Nb, Mo, Ta, their alloys → Possible !T10-043_T22-030

  • High speed, video-rate 3D imaging with a high spatial resolution like confocal microscopesT15-198_T17-106_T21-072

  • High sound quality and Anti-dust, water etc.T17-099

  • Able to product high purity single chirality CNT at low costT21-002

  • Cheap ingredients and low-T fabrication compatible with mass production. Hall sensor operable under bending conditions and over a wide T rangeT18-016

  • No need of pulverization process! Able to product easily the hydrogen gas at low cost!T15-157

  • Administration of little amount of prepared liquid drug shows excellent antitumor efficacy!T17-036

  • Vibration detection using unique shape of sensor and amount of changing high frequency impedanceT17-103

  • Realize ultimate sensitivity and wide dynamic range over 100 dB in one exposureT16-074

  • Phenyl Sulfate can be a predictor for a risk of developing Diabetic Kidney DiseaseT15-027

  • Enable contents to stick on moving objectsT19-017


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