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Respiratory Resistance Measuring System “MostGraph-03”

 Dr KUROSAWA Hajime, Tohoku University, and Chest M. I. Inc. (CHEST) performed joint research for developing high accuracy respiratory resistance measuring instrument required for diagnosis of severity of respiratory diseases. They could establish the method and system for measuring respiratory impedance, which is an index consisting of respiratory resistance and reactance, with high degree of accuracy. This technology is filed as PCT/JP2009/054441 and PCT/JP2010/056541 by CHEST and us,

 Based on this invention, CHEST succeeded in commercializing the product as "Mostgraph-01" in 2009 and the desktop version "Mostgraph-02" in 2016. As the successor to the "MostGraph-01," the "MostGraph-03" has been newly commercialized, offering better visibility and ease-of-use of 3D color graphics than ever before in 2023.

 For more detail, please access to CHEST's website and contact CHEST directly.

Respiratory Resistance Measuring System “MostGraph-03”

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